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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter + Kids= Candy, Candy Candy

In an effort to keep my own sugar intake levels down, (or at least down to a reasonable level), I've been considering the contents of Easter baskets. As I purchase items for 3 baskets, it's amazing how often I find myself saying, "well you just have to have peeps in an easter basket"...and then..."well it's not Easter without Cadbury Eggs and jelly beans"...and then..."hollow chocolate rabbits were in every basket of mine, as a kid...so.....".

By the time I'd get all of that there would hardly be room for anything EXCEPT the candy. So I've been reconsidering what I choose to fill their baskets with and have come up with alternatives such as:
art supplies
plastic eggs filled with stickers, nickels, tattoos
action figures
disposable cameras (my kids LOVE these)
age appropriate movies
AND a limited amount of candy

I'm sure others of you have many more ideas, so share them with us all!


  1. Those are good ideas! Hot Wheels or match Box also makes Easter themed cars (just regular cars in shades of light blue and yellow). We have two boys, so there really can never be too many cars. Whereas, there can be too much sugar!

  2. Last year the Easter Bunny brought beach bags to my house for my girls. Which included bathing suits, flip flops, beach towels, sand buckets, sunglasses and of a course a beach read (book) they loved it. I think I also included head bands and minimal candy, they did not even notice.